Ruth Tittensor

Environmental History & Heritage, Oral History
Honeybee Forage, Edible Wild Plants, Writing

Consultancy Services Offered

We can work with you in the way you wish, perhaps getting on with the job until it is finished or having ongoing discussions. These can be helpful in rural work where it is important to liaise with people on the ground, such as gamekeepers, forest contractors or wardens.

Click the links below for details on each:

Farm Woodlot, Sussex, England      Extant peat-diggings on Fair Isle, Shetlands      Cleughearn Burn, Renfrewshire, Scotland      Ancient, hummocky, peat bog where three farms meet
Honeybees (Apis mellifera) foraging   Oral Contributors   Crab Apples   From Peat Bog to Conifer Forest

Countryside Management Consultancy draws upon the expertise of several other professionals when a wide breadth of skills is needed. Click here for more about them.  

People living locally to Ruth’s areas of work often contribute to projects: their intimate knowledge is always appreciated.

Participation by community groups is encouraged, where relevant, as a way of involving people in their local environment.

Clients of Countryside Management Consultancy have included national and local statutory agencies, voluntary organisations, residents’ groups and individuals, museums, landowners and tenants of farm and woodland, public and private educational institutions, clubs and societies.