Ruth Tittensor

Environmental Historian
Book: From Peat Bog to Conifer Forest

Pannanich Hill, Kincardineshire. Photo Richard Marriott ©


Gulls Hags, Yew Woods Hampshire, The Mens Ancient Woodland Sussex, West Dean Estate,
Whitelee Wind Farm Peat Bog, Nature Conservation Busy Farmers, Rabbit Warren West Dean

Selected Publications, Books and Interpretation

BUYTittensor, Ruth (2009)
From Peat Bog to Conifer Forest: An Oral History of Whitelee,
its Community
and Landscape.
Packard Publishing, Chichester, 237pp.

    Short-listed for the Saltire Society “Scottish History Book of The Year 2009 Award”        



BUYTittensor, R. M. (2005)
Alexander Fleming, Darvel and Antibiotics.
Booklet, Countryside Management Consultancy, Darvel. 20pp


Tittensor, R.M. (1991) West Dean:
A History of Conservation on a Sussex Estate.

The involvement of community groups in the development of a conservation ethos and practice on the West Dean Estate, Sussex during the 20th century.

The Felpham Press, Bognor Regis, 154 pp. ISBN 1 870690 16 8 £12.00]

Countryside Management

Tittensor, R.M. (2011)
Rural History, Ecology and Land Management.
Issue 20 of Rural History Today (British Agricultural History Society)

Tittensor, R.M. (1983)
Lodge Hill Farm West Dean: History, Ecology and Conservation

Management plan, for the Edward James Foundation, 53pp. and Map.

Tittensor, R.M. & Tittensor, A.M. (1986)
Nature Conservation for Busy Farmers.
Booklet, Countryside Management Consultancy, Arundel, 40pp.

Odin, I.J. & Tittensor, R.M. (1983)
Game and Sport on the West Dean Estate
Report to the Standing Conference on Countryside Sports.

Tittensor, R.M. & Tittensor, A.M. (1986)
Management Plan for Cobnor Coppice
Silvicultural Plan for Mr Martin Beale, 73pp.

Langstone Mill     

Tittensor, R.M. & Tittensor, A.M. (1986)
Management Plan for Langstone Mill Pond.
For the Landowner and Chichester Harbour Conservancy, 50pp. and Maps.

Farm & Woodland Ecology

Tittensor, R.M. (1971)
The Bialowieza Forest
Report for BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol, 27pp.

Tittensor, R.M. (1976)
A Survey of the ltchen Valley, Hampshire
Report and Maps for the Nature Conservancy Council.

Tittensor, R.M. (1979)
An Ecological Appraisal of the West Dean Estate.
Report for the Edward James Foundation, West Dean College,
124pp. and Maps.

Tittensor, R.M. et al (1985)
Sindles Farm, Aldsworth, West Sussex. Ecological Survey.
An English farmer recounts his farm history, from his archive research and peoples’ memories. 

3 Reports for Mr John Veltom, 43pp, 35pp, 90pp.and Maps.

Tittensor, R.M. & Tittensor, A.M. (1997 & 2002)
Redlands Lane Woodland, West Wittering
, West Sussex.
Reports for Mr P Dawson, 27 and 10 pp


Coexistence of Wildlife and Intensive Agriculture.
For the British Ecological Society.

Farming Can Conserve.
For the National Farmers’ Union.

Medieval Beehives.
For the Weald and Downland Open-Air Museum.

Women in Biology.
For the Institute of Biology.

Trees, Ships and Explorers.
For the Committee on the Public Understanding of Science.


Honeybee Forage


Tittensor, R.M. (1987& 1988)
Forage Problems for Bees;   
Sainfoin: Traditional Crop Full of
Bees: the Forgotten Stock;  
Beekeeping and the Countryside

Newspaper articles.

Tittensor, R. M. (1988)
Eucalyptus and Clover for Bees.
Report for A.H.Chitty, 7pp.

Tittensor, R.M. (1990)
A Landscape for Honeybees
The Beekeepers Quarterly, 21: 30-31





Tittensor, Ruth (2011)
What's So Special about Peat? Its Importance to Scotland and the World
Countryside Management Consultancy

An introductory, illustrated leaflet for people wondering what all the fuss is about!

Tittensor, R.M. (1985)
Management Plan for Salterns Copse, Apuldram Manor Farm.
Report for the Farmer and Chichester Harbour Conservancy, 55pp.

Tittensor, R. M. (1999)
Shore, Chichester Harbour: Rabbit and Erosion Control.
Report for Chichester Harbour Conservancy, 20pp.

Tittensor, R.M. & Tittensor, A.M. (1986)
Wealden Shaws: a Landscape Setting for Bayleaf Farmhouse
Report on Kentish Shaws, for the Weald & Downland Open-Air Museum, 53pp.

Environmental History

Tittensor, R.M. (1971)
Ecological Changes in the Loch Lomond Region.
Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh 41: 139-147.

Tittensor, R.M. (1978)
A History of The Mens: a Sussex Woodland Common
Sussex Archaeological Collections, Lewes 116: 347-374.

Tittensor, R.M. (1980)
Ecological History of the Yew (Taxus baccata L) in Southern England
Biological Conservation.17: 243-265.


Tittensor, A.M. & Tittensor, R.M. (1985)
The Rabbit Warren at West Dean near Chichester.
Four hundred years’ history of a 900-acre warren on the South Downs, England.

Sussex Archaeological Collections, Lewes 123: 151-185.BUY

Tittensor, R.M. (1990)
Historic Landscapes Survey of The Gumber, Slindon Estates.
Report for The National Trust, South Region. 5pp. and Map.

Heritage Interpretation

Tittensor, R.M. (1981)
A Sideways Look at Nature Conservation in Britain.
Booklet, University College, London, Discussion Paper in Conservation 29: 1-45.

Tittensor, R.M. & Donovan, P. (1982)
Landscape Evolution In the Lavant Valley, Sussex: Woodland Wallchart

Seven beautiful paintings of successive historic landscapes of the Lavant Valley, Sussex based on local research projects.

BUYPoster for the Weald & Downland Open- Air Museum. 48.5 x 54 cm.


Tittensor, R.M. (1985)
Conservation of our Historic Landscape Heritage.
Folk Life 23: 5-20.

Tittensor, R.M. (1999)
Golden Dogs from a Golden County
Country Life, July 1989.

Tittensor, R. M. (2004)
A Landscape of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Chapter in Book ‘Chichester Harbour: an informal look at the last 100 years’. Chichester Harbour Conservancy. (Book available now)


Tittensor, R. M.
Woodland Trail Leaflet

Oral History


Tittensor, R.M. (2006)
The History and Use of Peat in the Whitelee Forest Area
Booklet, Countryside Management Consultancy, Darvel, 36pp.

Tittensor, R.M. (2009)
Word o Mooth o a 20th Century Scots Wuid 2004-09
Lallans 74: 106-108.


Smout, Chris and Tittensor, Ruth (2008)
A Stab in the Dark: The Oral History of an Ayrshire Forest
Scottish Forestry 62:1 3-8. 


Tittensor, Ruth (2009)
From Peat Bog to Conifer Forest: An Oral History of Whitelee, its Community and Landscape.
Packard Publishing, Chichester, 237pp.

Edible Wild Species

Tittensor, R.M. (1977)
Herbs, Hops and Berries
Recipe Booklet using Sussex Plants and their Fruits. Workers’ Educational Association.


Tittensor, R.M. (2006).
The Gulls’ Hags

The extraordinary story of how eggs were collected for food from gull colonies on seven Scottish peat bogs until the 1960s.

Booklet, Countryside Management Consultancy, Darvel, 20pp.

Tittensor, R.M. (2006)
The ‘Gentian’ Plant (Meum athamanticum).
Booklet, Countryside Management Consultancy, Darvel, 39pp.