Ruth Tittensor

Coordinator of Multi-approach Landscape Research
and Community Environment Projects

Heather Moorland, Whitelee Plateau, Ayrshire. Photo Ruth Tittensor ©

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Skills Offered

Ecological field-work and preparing management plans for landscape or site.

Documentary research, oral sources, field-survey of ‘living-historic sites’, such as wood banks, hedge systems, rabbit warrens, pollarded trees or ancient habitats. .

Prescribing plants and flowers for honeybee forage throughout the seasons for your climate, soil and landscape.

Design of farm and forest systems for honeybee forage.


Heritage interpretation seeks to enthuse people about the past and present countryside.

We can write and design leaflets, brochures, display panels, audio presentations and exhibitions.


Preparing leaflets, brochures, display panels, audio presentations or exhibitions to enthuse people about their rural heritage.


Advice on setting up and carrying out an oral history project on rural affairs, such as the life of a reserve warden, farm or landscape history, development of wind farms or ‘soft’ flood control by deliberate breaching of sea-walls.


Advising on the species of edible wild plants available to grow or collect, and on involving landowners with proposals.


Countryside Management Consultancy writes and designs anything from a flyer to a book to an exhibit.

The type and length of item is adapted to what you need and your own or other illustrations can be used.  


The Team

Ruth is lucky to have the support of several other independent and experienced professionals who provide complementary input when needed. 


Susan Anderson provides me with first-class design skills. Susan is a trained and experienced Graphic Designer and runs Eikon Graphics from an Ayrshire village. She has worked for clients throughout the UK and designed exhibits in Europe.


John Andrews assists me when multi-media work is needed.

He has degrees in Multimedia Computing, Internet Technologies and Multimedia Communications and also works from an Ayrshire village.  


Dr. Andrew Tittensor gives me information and advice on animal ecology, agriculture and computing problems. He has degrees in Zoology and Vertebrate Ecology, but is also a trained IT Developer. He has worked throughout the UK and travelled widely in Europe and maritime Canada.

Experienced Transcribers in English and Scots carry out transcribing of oral history recordings for me.        

Outwith the UK


Dr. Derek Tittensor provides a useful world overview of ecology and resource management. He has degrees in Mathematics, Computational Science and Macroecology. He is an experienced computer-modeller of ecosystems and species, and from his work-place at The United Nations World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, he travels globally.

Ruth Tittensor’s experience outwith the UK include beekeeping visits to China, Japan and New Zealand; to Poland, The Czech and Slovak Republics and Sweden for studies of forests and cultural landscapes; to The Netherlands for discussions on farming-with-conservation and to France for discussions on Women in Science in the EU.